Can I download files free of charge?
Yes you can. You can easily download files for free with either the Free or Premium Crocko.com accounts. The Premium membership provides fast and unlimited downloads.
What is the download limit for Free membership?
You can download 200 MB per hour. If a file is bigger than 200 MB, you can download only 1 file per hour.
How to delete one of my files?
When you upload a file, you also receive a URL that can be used to delete that file. When you want to delete the file, just copy/paste this URL into your browser's address bar.
Can I resume a failed download?
Resuming a failed download is not an option for non-Premium users. If the download fails you will have to restart it.
What is the password for the file I have just downloaded?
We don't keep password information for files that were uploaded by our users for you to download. If necessary, we suggest that you try to contact the owner of the file directly.
What do links to files look like?
Typical URLs that are recognized as file URLs include:
When you upload a file, you will receive a link that can be used to subsequently delete the file. Typically, it looks as follows:

Web folder URLs will appear as:
Web folders that show all files for a user will appear as: http://www.crocko.com/o/FFB21C649EF842F7BB0EF96F24EC076C


What's the maximum size file I can upload?
You can upload files up to 2GB in size. new
Can I upload any type of file?
No. Crocko.com serves people of all ages and cultures from all over the World. We do not want to offend anyone in any way. We make every effort to ensure that the shared content does not violate any law and is completely inoffensive.
How long does my file stay active for?
Files that have not been downloaded for 25 days (non active files) are deleted. If you own Premium account you can have 200 GB of such files.
What's file storage limits?
Consult the table below for account limits:
Account typeActive filesNon-active files
no account, Free accountUnlimited disk space0 GB
Premium accountUnlimited disk space200 GB
Active files are the ones which were downloaded within the last 60 days. Non-active files are the ones which were NOT downloaded within the last 60 days.
Non-active files can be protected from deletion. For either account, you can pay $0.005 per day for each GB of these files or you can just leave it to Crocko to automatically delete them. These files are deleted according to the length of time from their last download, files with the longest time being deleted first.
How can I get more storage for my files?
You can purchase more storage space. Each extra GB of files costs $0.005 per day. Note that this applies only to non active files. You don't have to pay for active files.
Can I resume a broken upload?
Yes, if you are uploading via ftp
Do I have any access to, or control over, my uploaded files?
When you upload a file without being an account holder, you will receive only download and delete links. If you do have an account, you can view download statistics, rename or organize your files into folders or set your file properties.
Is it complicated to upload files to Crocko?
Not at all. You can upload your files directly by using our website, or you can use any FTP program. You can upload the file from your own computer or from a remote server (remote upload).
Can I upload files from other file hosters, like Rapidshare or Megaupload?
Yes, you can. You will need Premium account from the respective file hoster and possibly a tool to receive direct link to that file too. To upload from Rapidshare or Megaupload use the following URL format:
I have lost my file download link. How can I get it again?
If your file was uploaded to your account, log in and go to My Files > Manage Files. All your files are listed on that page. You can get downloads and delete links to your files from there.
I uploaded files via FTP but can't see them in my account.
You probably need to 'Commit upload' after you have finished uploading your files. Log in to your account, go to My Files > Upload Files > Ftp upload and click the 'Commit upload' button. Your files will appear in File Manager shortly.
How do I upload via FTP?
Set your FTP client as follows:
  • Server: ftp://upload.crocko.com
  • Login/password of your account
Please note that only 5 simultaneous connections are allowed. If you connect or disconnect rapidly, you may receive an error message.
Crocko recommends the use of CuteFTP software for file transfer.

General account questions

How do I retrieve a forgotten password?
Click Login link on www.crocko.com, followed by 'Forgot your password' on the popup. Then enter you account e-mail address. You will receive e-mail instructions on how to reset the password.
Can I change my login name?
No, sorry you can't change it.
Can I close the account?
Yes, you can. Log in and go to My account > Misc, and follow the instructions on that page.
Why should I switch my account to extended mode?
When you first create an account, it is automatically set to a simple mode with limited options. By changing to extended mode you get access to file manager and misc uploading tools. To do this, go to My account > Misc, and then follow the instructions on that page.
How do I create a folder?
You can do this after uploading a file via a browser or on a File Manager page.
How do I password protect a file?
Currently you can't password protect a single file. However, you can create a password protected folder and move the file into that folder.

Premium membership

What does Premium membership give me?
Premium membership allows you to download multiple files simultaneously at greatly increased speeds when compared to Free membership. You won't need to wait for download timers nor enter a visual verification code prior to file download.
How does it work?
After a purchase you will receive login and password details. First, you need to login to enable your account. Then, if you want to download a particular file, just identify the required file and your download will start automatically.
I purchased Premium membership but still see a web page with timers. Why is this?
Please log in again using your login/password. If this doesn't resolve the problem, click here to go to a page which will automatically delete Crocko cookies. Next login to Crocko again and the problem should be resolved.
How do I increase my download speed?
With Premium membership you can use download manager, which increases download speed by downloading different parts of a file in parallel. In this way, maximum download speed can easily reach your maximum connection speed.
How do I use the download manager with Crocko?
Add the file URL to the download manager and check the User name and password in the required checkbox. Enter your login/password and click OK. Without the correct login/password and active Premium membership, you'll just download the html page instead of the file itself.
Do you have search facilities for files?
No, Crocko doesn't provide a search engine for its files. You can perform a search in Google using this query - "site:crocko.com firefox" if you are looking for anything related to "firefox". To search for music use the following query "+inurl:wma|mp3|off site:crocko.com", for archives "+inurl:exe|rar|zip site:crocko.com"


How do I become a reseller?
You can buy Premium in bulk without switching reseller status of your account. If you need advanced features such as this, please contact us.
What benefits do resellers receive?
Resellers have the following tools
  • Ability to fund their accounts
  • Assign Premium to existing accounts
  • Up to 35% discount on Premium account prices, even if they purchase a single Premium
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