Upload your files

Uploading files to Crocko.com is fast and easy. Plus, you may upload as many files as you like. Choose one of the following upload options and you're ready to go. You'll receive the download link right away.

5 upload options:

  • Web upload

    This is the easiest way to upload your files. Click here to go to our homepage and use the top form. You can select up to 8 files at once.

  • FTP upload

    This method is convenient if you need to upload many files from a remote server or if you are using an FTP client.

    FTP client settings:

    • FTP server: upload.crocko.com
    • port: 21
    • login/password: same as your account

    If you don't have a Crocko.com account yet, click here to create your free account right now.

    Keep in mind that with FTP you can resume interrupted uploads. Once the upload process is over, enter your account and click the "commit FTP upload" button within 24 hours. This completes your upload session and the uploaded files will become available in your account.

  • Remote upload

    You can upload files not only from your own PC, but from other servers as well. To get started, login to your account and click on Upload > Remote upload. Enter up to 100 FTP or HTTP addresses and click the Upload button. As the upload process begins, watch the upload progress for each file.

  • Widget upload

    Let your website's visitors upload files directly into your Crocko.com account. All you need to do is to install our upload widget on your website. We offer many widget, so that you can customize your widget to display the colors and language you choose.

  • API upload

    Crocko.com has an APIinterface that enables you to perform file operations like upload, rename and copy. Using provided scripts, you can automate the process of uploading and the management of uploaded files.

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