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Ready to upload your files? Let's get started! Uploading files to Crocko.com is fast and easy. Plus, you may upload as many files as you like. Choose one of the following upload options and you're ready to go. You'll receive the download link right away.

Managing your files

As you may already have seen, uploading files is fast and easy. But once you have uploaded your files, Crocko.com wants to make you 'feel at home'. We want you to be able to organize your uploaded files as if it was your own PC. Organizing your files is very simple; you can create folders, place your files into the folders and copy or rename them. You can also protect your files with passwords, or create a web folder with descriptions and then group your files.


We are highly confident in our range of quality products and services. Over the last 4 years, millions of people have used our service. Thousands of them purchase Premium membership each day. If, for any reason you are not satisfied with your Premium membership, we will refund your payment.

Crocko.com downloader

We have developed a small download manager that speeds up downloading of your files. It can download severals files at once and resume broken downloads.

And start uploading. We guarantee the highest payouts in the industry.

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